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Brass Act

The Alias Brass Company’s current show, Brass Act, is a theatrical journey combining diverse elements of classical music, pop-culture, and all things in between to create an experience that is both engaging and exciting. Each element of Brass Act takes the audience on a tour of music through a creative and retrospective lens. Using innovative show concepts, advanced audio and visual techniques, and the highest level of musicianship, the Alias Brass Company has created a show that is sure to engage you at every turn.

Brass Act is presented in two distinct halves with characters and energy all their own. The first half gives the audience a chance to know the group as individuals as they explore different emotional states of music and their connections with each piece. Each work is presented by a different Alias artist who relates their own specific emotional connection to the work, allowing the audience to explore how certain emotions affect our understanding and perception of the music. Each Alias artist is unique, as is their emotional journey through music, and it is with this

understanding that Alias helps the audience navigate through a beautiful collage of amazing and emotion-driven brass music.

The second half of Brass Act continues the high energy and phenomenal musicianship the Alias Brass Company is known for with a brand new production entitled Brass Opera. This epic presentation mixes music, storytelling, acting, drama, adventure, and humor in a way unique to Alias. As the first production of its kind our Brass Opera takes the audience on a humorous voyage across the seven seas with a cast of characters that includes a set of lovers, a cavalier storyteller, and even a few angry pirates. Anything can happen on this voyage across the world, but you can bet that all of the twists and turns will lead our characters right into the hearts of the audience.

As the Newton Daily news raved, Brass Act is“Virtuosic...Captivating, Engaging, and Entertaining.” Alias has dazzled audiences across North and South America with exquisitely polished and inspiring performances, and Brass Act will be sure to connect with and excite every audience member.

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