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Described as “the only name for music innovation” by Martin Hackleman, formerly of the Empire and Canadian Brass, the Alias Brass Company, founded in 2013, is a collaboration of five uniquely talented artists and educators from across the nation. The Alias Brass Company’s performances are comprised of standards and original compositions, along with concepts that blend virtuosic musicianship with a high level of entertainment. From Baroque and Classical, to Jazz and Pop, the Alias Brass Company’s shows are “a sure-fire hit; chamber music of the future with something for everyone!”

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When thinking of versatile instrumental setups, the brass quintet might not be the first thing that comes to mind. A grave oversight, according to Alias Brass Company, an all-American brass ensemble which aims to change any such preconceived notions with their vibrant renditions of highly diverse and inclusive music on PRISM from Big Round Records.

The versatility in terms of style, mood, and genre is absolutely stunning, whether it’s a film soundtrack (Gabriel’s Oboe, Over the Rainbow), an obelisk of Baroque music (J.S. Bach’s Little Fugue in G Minor), a Christian hymn (Amazing Grace) or a blues standard (St. James Infirmary), the Alias Brass Company navigates the territory with mesmerizing panache. Audacious and bold!

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