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A step-by-step guide to the creation of a successful 21st Century Chamber Ensemble.  Members of Alias will instruct aspiring musicians on how to create, brainstorm, develop, manage, fund, promote, execute, and perform in this inspiring seminar.


Who:  Collegiate musicians and chamber players of all walks of life

What: A Masterclass style presentation that delves into the essentials involved in creating and sustaining a successful chamber ensemble.  Topics will be covered in depth ranging from the formation of a group to the execution of a successful business plan.


Where: Your College, University or Community Center


Time: 1-1.5 hours



  1. Choosing Your Members

  2. Brainstorm

  3. Stage Presence

  4. Memorization

  5. Business Formation

  6. Recording

  7. Video

  8. Building Your Audience

  9. Promotion

  10. Versatility

  11. Conceptualize

  12. Putting It All Together

  13. Q & A

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