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Jean Ibbotson

Newton Daily News

"Their performance was engaging, energizing, and entertaining. All notes were executed with precision and the intonation was impeccable. Harmonies were lush and the group displayed a wide range of dynamics."

Martin Hackleman

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Former member of Canadian Brass and Empire Brass

“With a captivating show highlighting five diverse and exuberant talents, their show is built not only on virtuosic playing, but humor, passion and action as well. Alias Brass is one of the freshest chamber groups out there. Their programs range the full gamut from Bach to their own opera; an homage to video games and a Spanish fire dance as only brass can ignite."


Watertown Concert Association

Watertown, SD

"Alias put on a great show that was well received by the audience. We were glad to have them as a part of our concert series!"


Butte Community Concert Association

Butte, MT

"The playing was flawless. Best brass ensemble we've had in Butte bar none!"

Mark Gould

Julliard School of Music

Former Principal Metropolitan Opera

“Alias Brass Co. is a creative new player in the world of brass chamber music. They are all marvelous players and their show is both good music and good theater.”

Phil Snedecor

Hartt School of Music

Washington Symphonic Brass

“The Alias Brass has the energy, artistry, and showmanship to dazzle any audience. A sure fire hit; chamber music of the future with something for everyone. Don’t miss them!”

Joe Elwell

KVLU Music Director

“The Alias Brass Company members are not only great musicians, but have an amazing, great stage presence and tremendous sense of humor. They know how to lighten up classical music to make it engaging and enjoyable for everyone. They are terrific on-stage and also live on-air!"

Peter Meechan


"Alias Brass foster innovation through musical excellence, leading to performances that are engaging, energising and entertaining. Go see them!!!"

Dr. Brian Shook

Lamar University, Department Chair

Vincent Bach Performing Artist

Whether they are performing one of their original works, an arrangement of a Brahms piano composition, or a staple of the brass quintet literature, the Alias Brass Company’s musical integrity and energetic performances are refreshing and unique. Serious musicians, but life of the party!”

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