Soundtrack of our Lives


Who: K-12 musicians and non-musicians


What: An educational show that can be offered as a main stream, assembly, or classroom performance.

Where: Your elementary, middle, or high school


Duration: 45-60 minutes

Your Students Will Learn About:

  • The Brass Instrument Family

  • Historical and Current Instrumental Music Genres

  • Composers

  • Simple Musical Forms

  • Steps to Career and College Readiness


How To:

  • Utilize Music to Assist in Understanding Emotions

  • Manage Time Efficiently and Effectively

  • Prioritize Responsibilities

  • Think Critically

  • Listen Actively

  • Collaborate and Communicate

  • Incorporate Creativity

Designed for musicians and non-musicians alike, this interactive performance can be tailored to any educational level, and includes activities that bridge that gap between music and widely studied core subjects such as English, Math, Science and Technology.

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